Teamwork exercise to solve problems collaboratively

Material Whiteboard for a collaborative classroom Marcers for a collaborative classroom
Whiteboard and markers (or virtual equivalent)
DescriptionGet together with a whiteboard and markers (or virtual equivalent) and choose a problem your students are currently facing at work. This should take about an hour.
Steps 1. Identify the problem. How does it hinder your team, and what are the problems it causes?

2. Create solutions by brainstorming. At this stage, let ideas flow freely. Do not judge or criticize until the next stage.

3. Examine each idea. By involving all members of the group in ideas, you can figure out what their strengths and weaknesses are. Make a list of the options ranking them from best to worst based on their advantages and negatives. Go over the best options on this list in detail.
Can this solution be applied to various time frames, with unexpected changes, etc.?
Make sure you choose a solution that is both durable and well-supported.

4. Create an action plan that outlines steps to follow to implement the solution. Clearly define team roles and timelines.
ObjectiveTeam-building activities develop problem-solving and rapport-building skills among members. It is ideal to reach a consensus where each team member is heard in at least one (if not all) aspects of the exercise. By encouraging less assertive members to comment and allowing more assertive members to listen, you will create a balance between each group.