Mission Impossible

DescriptionStudents have to work together and divide tasks in order to finish the small exercises in the given time.
Steps1. Create a list of challenges based on the topic that you teach. (In the example below, you can see tasks connected to creativity and social media marketing).

2. Tell your group of students to complete the challenges in a limited amount of time. Put some time pressure on them, so they are forced to divide the tasks between them and help each other whenever it is needed.

3. At the end of the activity, all the outcomes will be presented and a winner group will be selected. Next to the time pressure they also have the competitive challenge, which should motivate them to use their creativity.

See our example:

– Write a poem about a project you just worked on at work or choose a topic from your lessons for them.
– Use Canva to make a poster about your school.
– Make a video with at least four people dancing.
– Sing a song together and make a video.
– Draw a picture with every member of the group pictured on it.
– Choose a name for your group and develop a logo or flag together.
– Prepare one funny video together about your school.
– Write an introduction for your group.

4. After the time is done, check the outcomes together. Select the winning team and discuss the progress together. Ask them which was their favorite challenge? Which was the most difficult challenge? Was there a leader? How did they divide the task? What would they do differently if they could repeat the game?
Objective This exercise helps the group to learn collaboration.