Are you a teacher who is always looking for a way to get better at leading your lessons and inspiring your students to find their untapped potential? Since you are taking this course, you probably are. Then you probably already know that your personal growth is inevitable. And what helps you to know how to grow? Yes, you guessed correctly: self-reflection.

You have already examined who you are, what influences you and how you react to situations in your life. Now it is time to move this knowledge into the classroom. In the following lesson, we will go over the training scenarios on how to examine your audience and get honest feedback that will help you on your path to becoming the best teacher you can possibly be.

Connecting self-reflection to effective teaching is a process that requires experience and deeper understanding into what we want to achieve. First, we need to acknowledge what we want to reflect upon; do you want to understand the specific feature of your teaching, or is this reflection in response to a certain problem in your classroom? Whatever it is, the most important step is to gather information.