Training Tips

  1. When we hear the word innovation, we often think of technical innovation & inventions, but we tend to forget ‘social innovation’. It is precisely with social innovation that there is a connection with many other soft skills that enable an innovative attitude.
  2. In learning situations, aim for multiple solutions, solutions next to each other, instead of working towards ‘the best solution’.
  3. Innovation benefits from playful space. Try to increase the playful space in learning situations, but create a balance between providing structure and offering playful space.
  4. Playful learning space and gamification fit together. Try out some playful working methods by using both digital and non-digital resources.
  5. Try to get students out of the negative limiting thinking groove.
  6. Each time you hear a new idea, think and train yourself to think or say, “What’s good about it? What is at least one positive feature of that idea?”