Feedback for collaboration activities

Description Group members should determine which individuals have given the most support.
During this process, which should take about twenty to thirty minutes, you want to figure out who would help to move a company or organization forward.
Steps1. The following questions should be answered by each group member:

– In terms of completing tasks, who do you communicate with most often?
– Recently, who helped you with a challenging task?
– Do you have any teammates you haven’t acknowledged lately?
– How have you helped others?

2. The small groups can be asked for specific types of people of assistance they find helpful.

3. Bring back each small group’s findings on the helpful people and practices they discovered to the full group.

4. Identify any similarities in people and practices that participants uncovered in their stories.

5. Consider ways to change practices or roles that are not helpful.
ObjectiveHelps you find and highlight underrated team members. Incorporate different roles into the small groups (such as writing group notes and reporting to the group). In addition, this has the potential to build skill sets (such as public speaking skills and leadership abilities).