Complete the Incomplete Figure Test

A classic test of creativity, the Torrance Test of Creative Thinking was introduced by psychologist Ellis Paul Torrance in the sixties as a way to administer a more creatively inclined IQ test.

  • 1st step: Distribute the worksheet to the students.

Give to each student in the class one page with the picture above, preferably with a different shape for each student sitting one next to the other.

  • 2nd step: Introduce students to the task.

Their task is to complete the incomplete figures in two minutes.

  • 3rd step: Ask students to present their final results to the class.
  • 4th step: Evaluation/Self-evaluation.

Students have to answer 3 questions:

a) How did you decide what to draw?
b) Was this your only idea?
c) What was the most difficult in this task and what you found interesting?

If needed, teachers can ask extra questions and invite other students to participate!

  • 5th step: Closing.

After the presenter (students) has presented & answered 3 questions they have to label their creative drawing onto a common large worksheet for all jobs.

When all students had presented and labeled on the Co-sheet teacher presents her/his creative drawing and label on working sheet and place it at the visible spot in class so all can see it.

Note: In the process of creative thinking, it is important not only to make students develop creative thinking through various activities during and after the lessons but also to show that the teacher has it and is creative with the students.