Collaboration exercise with digital tools

Skype for collaboration Trello for collaboration Microsoft Teams for collaboration
Online collaborative tool of choice
DescriptionYou can choose any task or project you have lined up with your group of students. Give the groups a limited amount of time to finish the task and tell them that they can only use digital media to communicate to do the task.
Steps 1. Introduce them to your chosen media.

Examples of collaborative tools are:

– Online whiteboards
– Flock
– Slack
– Microsoft Teams
– Trello
– Skype
– Zoom-Meetings
– Google Drive …

2. Guide them throughout the group work and motivate them to really use the digital tool.

3. After finishing their tasks come together with them and discuss the pro and cons of working online together and ask them what they would improve and what they liked.
ObjectiveThis exercise not only helps them to collaborate because they have to work in groups but it makes the students familiar with making use of digital technology to communicate and work together.