Activity 3: Brainstorming carousel

Description of the activity:
Students will collect knowledge together in an interactive way about

Materials used and organization:
A4 pages with questions
> inspiration for the topics

Afbeelding met tafel

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

Group size: 4 – 12
Time: 30 to 40 minutes (explanation – 5 rounds of 5 minutes + x times 2 minutes)
Can be repeated at different times as the information of the students increases


  1. Each student receives an A4 sheet of paper from the teacher with a different subject from the following list written for each student:
    – Demography, climate, quantum computers, sustainability, bitcoin, robotization, digitalization, leasing, energy…
  2. Start with a bell or a whistle, let the students walk through the space and randomly form pairs.
  3. Students show each other their topic and alternately indicate in a few keywords what comes to mind when the other person’s topic comes to mind in order to come up with solutions.
    The student makes notes of the information received on the back of their A4 sheet using a mind map.
  4. After 5 minutes sound the bell or whistle and let the students look for another one
    student with another topic. This happens about 5 times, depending
    on group size.
  5. Afterwards, each student summarizes the information received and
    presents this to the group in 2 minutes max.
  6. The teacher uses the information in the next lesson to connect themes and start a discussion. For example about the trio: sustainability & climate & energy. But many combinations are possible.

With this activity you have achieved the following objective:

  • Activate existing knowledge about the topics in the group
  • Sharing knowledge about possible innovative solutions appropriate to the problems
  • Learning to see that problems and innovative solutions can be linked
  • Collect material for the teacher to build on the lessons