Activity: Tomorrow’s News stories

2nd. Value creativity and celebrate and reward it.

Example: Creating something new is always creative. Let students be creative in the learning process and let them express themselves and reward them with a simple thing for their performance.


Outrageous headlines from current tabloids
DescriptionExiting for any student age. Generate outrageous headlines for tomorrow’s news stories by using design tools and student creative writing skills.
Steps 1. Before the task show your students outrageous headlines from current tabloids to give them the idea of how the activity works.

2. Divide the students into smaller groups of 2-3 people or assign this task as individual work

3. Ask students (groups, individuals) to create a list of their own outrageous headlines for tomorrow’s news. (It is important to remind students that they have to analyze how their headlines capture attention by purposefully employing tactics such as literary techniques, vivid vocabulary, and a sensationalizing tone.)

4. When all teams, individuals finish, students can share their headlines in groups/class and social media, school new feed, and so on

5. After the presentation of the material and creative ideas, the whole class discusses the pros and cons of each idea.

6. Organize the voting in the groups for the best creative idea.

7. The teacher provides feedback according to technical parameters, literary skills, and level of creativity.
Objective– Expanding the circle of thinking
– Creation of new materials
– Literacy of reading skills in interaction with creativity