Activity: Open your taste for creativity in the world

1st. Set up learning activities that allow students to explore their creativity in relevant, interesting, and worthwhile ways.

Example: Help your students to explore their creativity in their profession.

Blindfold, Spice box, Different spice mix
DescriptionAt the beginning of the lesson, the Cooking students find 6 opaque boxes and one eye bandage on their desks.
The boxes contain a mixture of different spices.
During the activity, students creatively strengthen the acquired knowledge during the training process about spices, their origin, and their use in food.

Note: The activity can be applied to tourism students by asking them to name the origin of the spices and mark it on the map.
1. Set up the classroom with materials on each desk for 2 persons.

2. Assign student roles to the game (The teacher divides the class into halves and determines that one half will be the tasters, the other half the tasting leaders.)

3. Explain the task. (Applying the knowledge gained in the training process about spices to their origin and usability in food, both parties must determine the content of spice mixtures as a team. The taster leader safely transmits the spice mixture to a blindfolded person, without mentioning his idea of what the spice is. The taster gives the first impression of the spice content by tasting the mixture once, the manager records the opinions on the worksheet.)

4. Start the task: Testers cover the eyes with a blindfold/ tasting leaders start their task.

5. When all groups are done with tasting ask students to self-reflect (Once the students are done the teacher allows them to remove the eye bandages and tells them about the spice content. In conclusion, any cook must have two important professional skills – vision and taste.

6. Continue the lesson with learning the subject.
ObjectiveCreativity in VET subject.
– Strengthening the knowledge acquired during the training of VET subject with creativity