Activity 3: Inspire with Entrepreneurs

Description of the activity:
Collect videos with success stories from entrepreneurs. The aim of this “exercise” is to interest and motivate the students to show initiative through catchy videos.

Materials used and organization:
Materials used: motivational videos (Youtube is a good source for this)
Time: as long as you want
Group size: The whole class


  1. Collect videos with entrepreneurial success stories and how they got there. It usually involves showing initiative and hard work to succeed. For example: The Science of Taking Action | Steve Garguilo | TEDxCarthage.
  2. Show some of those videos from now on. You will see that your students will be inspired, and maybe you will too.
  3. Give your students the opportunity to talk about their observations and impressions in small groups of 4. Send open questions during the subgroup discussions to the soft skill to take the initiative.

With this activity you have achieved the following objective:

  • – Connecting success and initiative
  • – To interest and motivate the students to show initiative.