Activity: Create your own image!

4th. Remove constraints on creativity and give the students space and a framework in which they can be creative.

Example: Develop your personal image with the creativity and creative thinking tool.


Cloth fabric, sewing kit, stationery, colored cardboard
DescriptionVET students (Fashion design) are learning about image development producing Halloween costumes.
Steps 1. Before the task prepare all the needed equipment and materials.

2. Ask students to use all available materials and equipment to create the Halloween costume as their individual image.

3. Explain the next step of the task to students: Instead of just wearing costumes at school, the whole class should write a play together in which each of their character’s “Halloween costume image” is included in the storyline. (*For instance, they have to come up with how a giant Mickey mouse and the x-man will interact.)
Objective– Collaboration
– Creative challenge
– Going outside their comfort zone