Activity 6: Two Buckets

Materials used and organization:

  • Students form teams of three up to five people.
  • Two Buckets
  • Flip chart with pens
  • Index cards
    a. 1 set with big brand names (for inspiration)
    b. 1 set of product categories.

Hoe ziet het koopgedrag van Nederlanders eruit? [onderzoek] - Frankwatching


  1. Each team randomly selects an index card from each of two buckets.
  2. A set of cards has big brand names.
  3. One set has product categories.
  4. The instructor/teacher opens with “You work for a company……and that company wants you to develop a product for them from the following product category…….”
  5. A flip chart and pens are available per group and have already been placed on tables.
  6. The groups are given five to seven minutes to think and brainstorm about ‘the product’.
  7. Let the students think about: the features, the benefits, the target group of the product, promotional ideas.
  8. A spokesperson from each team presents to the class for about 4 minutes, preferably with a flip chart.
  9. The teacher monitors the time. The teacher also ensures that all mature and immature ideas receive equal attention.

*With the same system of ‘two buckets’ another association exercise can also be devised. (principle of combining dissimilar ideas).
For example, 1 set of repair materials and 1 set of repairs in the house. Legion of possibilities.

With this activity you have achieved the following objectives:

  • Associating outside the box
  • Experienced that innovative thinking is in everyone.
  • Experienced that the group complements each other in innovative ideas