Activity 5: Gamification with

Description of the activity: Gamification with

Using gamification with the tool ‘’ is a means not an end, but helps to stimulate the motivation of the students, and can be used to evaluate, process learning material, present, reflect, create simple escape rooms to design and much more.’ is an accessible program that is free. It is also recommended for students to get to work, so that they can make assignments with each other and for each other based on a soft skill: ‘innovating’, for example.
On this site you have already become acquainted with some examples in the previous Activity 4.

A useful game template to use is ‘Correct Group’: a template that allows you to drag and drop a list of words over several images and text.

Why not try it out, first yourself, of course, but also with students who will get to work with it themselves, i.e. work innovatively to design and produce materials for other students. Be warned: it’s addictive!

Materials used and organization:
Laptops and cell phones
Group size: group, individual or in subgroups of 3
Time: final part of a number of lessons


  1. Open (search for
  2. Click Gamification.
  3. Click on ‘Correct group’.
  4. Click on ‘Use template’.
  5. On the sides you have two images with ‘concept 1’ and ‘concept 2’. Replace them with the previously created images or images you want to use. And that are in line with the material being treated, for example about essential and less essential conditions to get (social) innovation going.
  6. Fill in up to 12 different concepts on the central area.
  7. Click on ‘Solution’ and you can fill in the template list with the correct answers. When students click this button, they see a pop-up with the results.
  8. You can add more pages and create as many levels as you need.
  9. Finally, you can save it and use the embedded code to import it into Canvas, Microsoft Teams, Brightspace, etc.
  10. Publish the exercise for your students! is a free online tool designed for educational designers, trainers and educators and helps everyone bring content to life: presentations, infographics, learning experiences, dossiers, ePosters, CVS, quizzes, guides, games, etc.

For more information and a video here.

With this activity you have achieved the following objective:

  • By innovating education, students are placed in an innovative environment and challenged to be innovative themselves
  • Education and gamification has only just begun and the possibilities are immense. Challenge the students to come up with ideas and get them to work designing and making exercises themselves.
  • If you get started with this development of gamification and education yourself, the stories you tell about innovation will be experienced as authentic by the students.