A skill success task

Material success through collaboration
A success from each student during the last weeks
DescriptionBuild groups of two or more students. Ask team members to separate into pairs and each discusses a recent success they had (last week, last quarter). The topic can be of your choice (e.g., work conversations, time management, or insights they’ve gained). Your team may learn more if you pair up people who have different roles to play. This activity should take about ten to fifteen minutes.
Steps 1. Invite one student to share a personal success story for about three minutes.

2. Have the second member of the pair reflect back on what the first student said.

Steps 1 and 2 should be repeated for the next student.

3. Invite everyone to a group meeting where each member can describe their teammate’s success.

4. Have a discussion with all pairs to identify any common themes and concerns that arose when sharing and understanding success.
ObjectiveThrough this team-building exercise, members will be able to communicate easily and effectively. Moreover, your class will be able to recognize and celebrate successes.