100 Uses for a Pen

This game encourages students to rethink the uses of a common object: a pen!

  • 1st step: Divide students into groups.
  • 2nd step: Give a pen to each of the groups.
  • 3rd step : Introduce students to the task.

Their task is to brainstorm as many uses for a dried-up pen as they possibly can in 10 minutes. Someone in the group needs to record their answers because the group with the longest list and more unique ideas at the end wins the game! Some usages for the pen can be starting from a straw up to hair curlers and much more. Students need to think “outside the box” to win this game.

  • 4th step: Ask each group to name their ideas.

Groups one by one name their ideas. Parallelly, other groups cross out ideas that duplicate their list. Each subsequent group does not name the deleted ideas when calling its own use of the pen solutions from the list ideas, but they have to say the number of ideas with and without deleted from the list to find out the length of the ideas on the list.

  • 5th step: Name the winner.

Suggestion: The best group needs to be awarded! A new interesting pen for winning team members works well as a prize in this task! The award can be anything…