Practical Guidelines

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Creative-thinking 21st-century skills

Creative Thinking

It can’t be emphasized enough how important it is to make sure students are prepared for a future where creative problem solving and critical thinking will be critical.

21's century skill collaboration


Two brains work better than one. The more hands, the better. There is power in numbers. Despite the clichés, they illustrate an important point: Collaboration is often the best approach.

show initiative and do something great


As our work world becomes increasingly digital, initiatives are becoming more important than ever before.
People who take initiative at work are highly valued.
Simply put, they accomplish things.

Innovative thinking


We, humans, are able to think in a creative, flexible way that computers cannot. It is for this reason that so-called "soft skills" such as innovative thinking will be so important in the future.

self-reflection 21st-century skills


Self-reflection is an important part of teaching and learning. It aids teachers’ professional development, encourages confidence, creates a student-centred environment & encourages honesty.